The 20-year-old suffered serious injuries but was still dropped 100m from the NSW border and forced to walk over it, an event she described as traumatising.

A young woman has described the trauma she endured after she was discharged from a Queensland hospital early and forced to walk over the border into her home state of NSW.

Phoebe Kirk was transported to Gold Coast University Hospital following a head-on crash in mid-October.

The 20-year-old suffered broken ribs, a cracked sternum, internal bleeding and multiple gashes.

However, she was discharged just 24 hours later.

Ms Kirk spoke publicly for the first time on Monday, saying Queensland Health’s decision to send her home early had serious physical consequences.

“Pretty much within a day I fell really ill with really bad temperatures, nausea and just really, really body sick,” she told Ben Fordham on 2GB.

Ms Kirk’s mum rushed to her hospital, where it was revealed she was suffering from septic shock.

“I was there for six days,” she said, adding at one stage her lungs collapsed and she stopped breathing for three minutes.

Ms Kirk said she had also been emotionally scarred from being discharged too early and being dropped in a taxi 100m from the NSW border, which she was forced to walk over.

“I was beyond mortified,” she said.

“I basically dropped to my mum and my partner’s feet when I met them.”

Ms Kirk said they had received assurances she would be dropped off in NSW.

“You’re traumatised after a car accident as it is and then you’re being placed in a taxi where it’s a driver you don’t know, and you instantly feel unsafe being back in a car, and that kind’ve just sticks with you,” she said.

Queensland Health is investigating the incident.

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