“There’s a kangaroo on my roof!” It’s a call you’d be forgiven for thinking was a hoax. But for this family in outback Queensland, it was not a lie.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane … no it’s just a kangaroo on a tin roof in outback Queensland.

Residents of Mount Isa spent Monday evening scratching their heads, after spotting a kangaroo stuck on top of a residential home.

After noticing the roo was unable to get back down, locals called emergency services for help.

But rescuers were hesitant to respond to the desperate plea, initially brushing off the call as a prank. And who can blame them?

“Sir, I have a kangaroo on my roof and he won’t come down!”

You can understand the hesitancy.

Patrick Buck, a senior firefighter at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services told ABC News that after showing up to the home (despite thinking it was a “hoax”) they realised help was needed.

“We went up with all our harnesses and rescue equipment, but as soon as we got there he went off the end of the roof and jumped down into some shrubs,” he explained.

“We still don’t know how it got on the roof, it’s a mystery.”

It is understood rescuers needed to slowly entice the kangaroo carefully down the roof to ensure the animal didn’t injure himself.

“It was hot yesterday so we were concerned he was dehydrated and if he got scared and jumped down he might break a leg,” Paula Boon and Sue Carson, who run local animal rescue Paws Hoofs and Claws, explained.

“We have limited wildlife carers here and shortage of vets and we didn’t want him hopping on the road as it is fairly busy.

“A few phone calls later to find helpers and two fire brigade guys got up on the roof and slowly encouraged the roo off the back which wasn’t as high and he hopped off OK.”

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