The Laundrie family, who have been hit by protests and questions since their son disappeared, will mourn Brian in private after his remains were found.

Brian Laundrie’s family will mourn the 23-year-old’s death quickly and privately, after the human remains found in a Florida park were confirmed as his.

Partial human remains were found by law enforcement on Thursday at Florida’s Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park Reserve, the last place Brian was seen.

Dental records confirmed the remains belonged to him a day later, signalling a tragic end to the mysterious death of Brian’s girlfriend Gabby Petito.

The couple had been roadtripping across the US when Mr Laundrie returned to his home in North Port, Florida on September 1, without his girlfriend.

Ms Petito, 22, was reported missing by her family on September 11 with Mr Laundrie vanishing from his family home on September 14.

The search for Mr Laundrie was ramped up on September 19, when remains belonging to Ms Petito were found in a Utah national park.

A coroner later confirmed Ms Petito had been strangled to death.

Despite the best efforts from investigators – including local police and FBI agents, Mr Laundrie’s body was found last week after the water in a flooded section of Carlton Reserve drained away, revealing his partial remains, a backpack and a notebook.

Steven Bertolino, the lawyer for the Laundrie family, confirmed today that Brian’s parents would be farewelling him privately.

Mr Bertolino told TMZ the remains, which included part of his skull, would be cremated and held onto by his family.

The Laundrie family has been hit by protests ever since Brian disappeared last month.

Protesters have been camped outside the family’s North Port home, using megaphones to yell “justice for Gabby” and dumping laundry baskets on their front lawn.

Police have been called to the Laundrie home a number of times, with Brian’s dad Chris hammering a “no trespassing” sign to his front lawn over the weekend.

Speaking on NBC’s Top Story last week, Mr Bertolino called for calm and understanding as the Laundries grieve their dead son.

“Getting the news your child is no longer with you is sad under any circumstance,” he said.

“The Laundries have also been subject to people outside their house for four weeks and they’re continuing out there today, which is making it all the more difficult.”

Following the confirmation of Brian’s death, Mr Bertolino urged the protesters outside the Laundrie house to go home.

“I would like America to know that Chris and Roberta are parents, they have feelings, children and one of their children has just been confirmed dead, it’s sad under any circumstance,” he said.

“They’re grieving and I respectfully ask the people outside of their house to go home, get a good night’s sleep and at least for one night, leave them alone.”